Hi, I am SirJohnTheHo

About me

I am a full time Art Director at a slot game and software development studio.

I graduated in 2008 from Sheridan College with a BAA in Technical Illustration and am currently enrolled at the Schulich School of Business where I am completing my MBA, specializing in Marketing and Brand Management. I expect to graduate in August 2020.

Since I've graduated from college I've been a concept artist, game designer, and senior artist, with the majority of my experience in web and mobile game platforms for the casino and slots industry.

I have been drawing since I was 4 (now 33), and although my art training was in traditional mediums (pencil and ink), I prefer working digitally. My primary software is Adobe Photoshop, and I draw using either my Cintiq 22HD or my Surface Pro 5 (if I need to be mobile).

Between my girlfriend and I, we have 3 cats and a dog (full house!), and apart from drawing, my hobbies include model building and painting, as well as tabletop games.