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Community rules

In order for Sketch a Day to continue to work well as a community, certain rules must be followed.

As an artist submitting work to Sketch a Day, you must abide by these rules. Failure to do so will result in deletion of entries and comments, a suspension and ultimately a ban.

It is your responsibility to adhere to these rules.

If you are unsure about anything, please err on the side of caution, or contact support.


  • Be nice to each other. Abusive behaviour will result in a ban.
  • If someone breaks rule 1, don't respond in the same way. Report this to a moderator using the Report button on the comments page.
  • Remember that the moderators do a difficult job, for free, for your benefit.
  • Asking for "likes" is not allowed.
  • Asking for people to "check out your profile" is not allowed.
  • Asking young people to share details about their school in comments is not allowed.
  • Persistently asking anyone for personal details is not allowed. (I understand that some people like to find out where people are from, etc. and that is fine as long as the other person is comfortable)
  • Only 3 submissions per day are allowed. Gold and Supporter members are allowed more (although you guys don't spam so...)

Originality of work

  • All work you submit must be your own work. Uploading images you find on Pinterest, Google Images, stock photo sites, etc. will be immediately deleted, without discussion.
  • All work submitted must be on the day's topic. If your entry is loosely related, please explain the connection to prevent accidental deletion by moderators.
  • Don't post photos of yourself, your shoes, your dog, etc. This is an app for drawing.
  • If you use a reference, you must say so. If possible, link to the reference you used.
  • Filtered photos are not allowed.
  • Composites of photos or other bits of stock imagery are not allowed.
  • Digital art is allowed.
  • Do not copy other drawings line-for-line. Using someone else's art as inspiration is OK - this is an app for learning, after all.

Nudity, violence, swearing, etc.

Remember that Sketch a Day is for people of all ages. Therefore, please bear in mind the following:

  • Representations of graphic violence, suicide, self-harm, etc. will never be allowed on Sketch a Day. It can be very upsetting or triggering to people.
  • Nudity is allowed, so long as it is tasteful, artistic and not designed to shock or offend. A good question to ask yourself is "Would I show this to my grandmother?".
  • Sexualized content must be marked as Adult content. This includes non-nude, sexualized imagery.
  • Swearing in comments is strictly not allowed.
  • Swearing in captions and images is only allowed if you mark your image as having "Adult content".
Community rules

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