Hi, I am canvasron

About me

Hello all,

As of today March 17 2020, a state of emergency has been issued to the province of Ontario , Canada .

In my previous biography I left out my current job occupation.

I work in a Loblaw distribution Warehouse (freezer department) and I make sure that groceries get to the stores we all shop in.

Understandably there's a lot of panic and fear in the air these days of an uncertain future . As a father I am very aware of this and completely understand as well.

I would like to personally assure you all that there is No Shortage of food and supplies .

I will be working 60-80hr weeks for the foreseeable future starting tomorrow, trying my best to help out all those in need so my entries may be sporadic at best.

I know it may be hard to keep calm in the coming weeks and months but we need to maintain civility and be kind to each other.

PS wash your hands 🙏