Hi, I am kiwy

About me

Born 1992 My whole life I thought I was totally free of any talent whatsoever until I had a kind of difficult time in 2015, stayed at home for a while and out of boredom I drew first just an eye, then a self portrait after watching a tutorial. I still have this drawing and it's really awful but somehow I knew that I had suddenly understood how to put lines and shades together to let something appear on the paper. I'm still learning and also often trying to be more creative and not sticking 100% to a photo. I'm even studying Arts and English since 2016 to become a teacher (in Germany), I was soo happy when I passed the application test in Arts 💙💙💙💙

Well that became quite a text 😳😂

One last thing: I'm more than happy I discovered this app! This last year I drew more than in the years before altogether 😊