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1 Jan 2017

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Image caption: How we make Sketch a Day these days!

Short version: Thanks everyone for being part of Sketch a Day so far! Please help more artists find us by registering and supporting us here: Sketch a Day on ProductHunt

Long version:

When I started Sketch a Day, I wanted to help people that I know who love drawing, but always say they don't know what to draw, or don't have the time.

I remember me and my wife sitting in bed on a Sunday morning back in 2018 (the day we launched), going through Instagram practically begging artists to try our app.

"Hey, that's a great picture of a watermelon. Our daily prompt today is watermelon, we think you'd really like our app."

Repeat that for "heart", "apple", "cup" etc. for weeks, (plus having to post from multiple fake accounts to make it look like there were more than two people in the app) and we started to get some people coming in and posting their pictures.

I remember it was a good day if we got 10 entries. Now we regularly get over 1000 every day!

I don't really know what happened to kick it all off. I think Sketch a Day might have been shared on an art tutorial site or something, but we started to get more people in.

We needed help to keep on top of the random selfies and stuff that gets posted, so we got some members to help out and they do an incredible job (thanks Jesss, MURDOC and JEAN).

I have all of the 1- and 2-star reviews from Google Play sent direct to my inbox, but I hardly ever go and read the good reviews! I did recently and was so happy to read just how much of a difference this little app makes to people's lives.

I want to make sure we keep reaching all the artists we can, and everyone who is already here can help with that.

I just listed Sketch a Day on a site called Product Hunt, which lists apps and websites.

It would be really, really helpful if you could spend just two minutes, and go to Sketch a Day on Product Hunt and support us.

You will need to register but it's really quick (especially if you use Google or Facebook to log in). A very short review on there would also be really, really helpful. Just one sentence would be amazing.

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for using Sketch a Day. I really hope it has had a positive impact in your life, and you've been able to connect to people that share your passion for art, especially with everything going on in the world at the moment.

Sorry this isn't a tutorial. We have been writing up a whole bunch which we will begin publishing from tomorrow! We've got 6 new ones if I remember correctly, so keep an eye out for them.

In case you missed it, here's the link: Sketch a Day on Product Hunt

Thanks, Tom

(As always, please keep the suggestions coming, as well as rating and reviewing on the App Store or Play Store if you haven't already!)

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I make Sketch a Day! If you have any suggestions please let me know. If you can spare the price of a cup of coffee each month to support continued development of Sketch a Day, please consider buying a ✨ Gold Membership ✨

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